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Hersteller:THM Carbones

THM Ulna is a total re-think of a handlebar: the main driver for your comfort and control on the bike.

For the Ulna we went all-out, modifying our proprietary THM-RTM process to allow for an internal structure that greatly boosts its structural properties while decreasing its weight. The internal structural rib running through the drops is a real technical marvel, it’s almost a shame you’ll never get to see it unless you own an X-ray machine!

Combining this structural design with THM’s intricate layup and carbon grade selection renders the lightest handlebar for real riders, with an incredible 110 kg weight limit.


Basebar material



(42cm): 155g

Clamp diameter

3I.8 mm

Drop (mm)


Reach (mm)




Natural Carbon

Width (cm) C-C (at the drop ends)

40, 42, 44

Di2 barplug compatible     


Max.permissible total weight 


110 Kg / 243 lb

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499,00 EUR
inkl. 16 % MwSt. zzgl. Versandkosten