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Art.Nr.: 10219
Hersteller:OPEN Cycle

Andy and I are pretty excited this week. Time for Eurobike (so if you contact us this week or next, expect a bit of a delay in response)! It's a bit more than 2 years ago that we introduced the U.P. and OPEN has never been the same. Its combination of a fast road riding position and clearance for 2.1” tires proved to be irresistible to the industry and our customers alike.

A Eurobike Gold award, several Bike of the Year Awards, raving reviews all prove the impact the original U.P. has had.  But what is really the most rewarding is the feedback from you, our customers. We’ve sold a lot of bikes in our lives and spoken with many customers, but we have never seen the amount and intensity of feedback as we’ve had with the U.P. For many of our customers, it is not just a new bike, but a new way of riding. They find themselves in places they’ve never ridden before, and are just ecstatic about this new-found freedom. Of course it also helps that it fits with the trend of trying to get away from the busy roads and the explosion of gravel, but GravelPlus goes just that extra step to make the whole riding experience faster thanks to the rider position and more capable thanks to the ability to even fit mountain bike tires.”

Maybe the biggest indicator of the U.P.’s impact can be found in the rapidly growing popularity of mixed-surface bikes that fit bigger tires, although they usually top out at 47mm tire clearance. Great for new tires such as WTB’s Horizon RoadPlus range (which also works well on the U.P.) but not enough for the ultimate fun of mountain bike treads.

But of course, we're not sitting still, so this Eurobike we introduce the new U.P., once again stepping ahead of the game. The New U.P. still offers the wide range of tire compatibility up to 2.1” and all the way down to 28mm road tires. The frame has been lightened up by 70 grams, and the new U-turn fork saves another 65 grams. The New U.P. has been further upgraded to accept flat-mount disc brakes and gets a new carbon layup, as well as new dedicated hardware including superlight Carbon-Ti axles.

We’re very happy with how the New U.P. came out. We’re not a company chasing huge sales volumes, we just want to make original and interesting products. In a previous life, I found it upsetting when so many other companies would be “inspired” (to put it mildly) by our designs, but nowadays it doesn’t bother me anymore. We are confident that our customers will always recognize our products as the original and still ahead of the game. If other brands follow our designs and make mixed-surface riding more popular, that’s a win-win and I just see it as flattering. So we hope the New U.P. will inspire the bike industry just as much as the original U.P. did!

The New U.P. will be available in September 2017 in green and blue with MSRP set at USD 3200 / EUR 3200 for the frameset. The original U.P. will also remain available for those who prefer post-mount disc brakes.

If you have any questions about the geometry or would like us to give you advice on which size would best fit you, just go ahead and send us an email.




Frame sizes: S, M, L, XL
Frame-only weight (±3%):
U.P.   1100g (size M)
U.P.P.E.R.   870g (size M)
U.P.   OPEN U-turn with 12mm thru-axle
U.P.P.E.R.   OPEN U-turn with 12mm thru-axle
U.P.   Green, Blue (standard)
U.P.P.E.R.   Matte black
BB std: BB386EVO
Chainring fit: NOTE: For single chainring set-ups, we recommend flat rings, not offset rings, for the best chainline. For "regular" oval rings, deduct 2 teeth from the below spec. For extreme oval rings, who knows.Max inner ring: 36t
Max outer ring: 50t (more is overkill with the bigger tires)
Max single ring: 46t (offset rings like SRAM 1x)
Max single ring: 50t (flat rings, better cassette alignment)
Headset std: Integrated Tapered IS42/28.6 | IS52/40
Seatpost Ø: 27.2mm
Rear axle std: 142x12mm (X-12) thru axle (Carbon-Ti for U.P. and U.P.P.E.R.)
Brake std:
U.P.   Front: direct-mount flat-mount for 160mm rotor; Rear: flat-mount for 140mm rotor (160mm with adapter)
U.P.P.E.R.   Front: direct-mount flat-mount for 160mm rotor; Rear: flat-mount for 140mm rotor (160mm with adapter)
Cable routing: Internal via exchangeable MultiStops for 1x10/11, 2x10/11, Di2
Bag mount: 100mm front-post-to-bearing-bore-edge
Incl. in box: Frame, fork, headset, seattube collar, front & rear thru-axle, 2 rear derailleur hangers, 1 removable front derailleur mount, cover bolts for front derailleur mount posts, 3 MultiStops (2x, 1x, Di2), chainstay cable exit stop, BB guide, cable sleeves, noise-reduction foam sleeves, bottle cage bolts, manual
Frameset Price:
U.P.   3.200 €
U.P.P.E.R.   4.500 €

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