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Wahoo RPM Geschwindigkeitssensor Dual ANT+ / Bluetooth
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The Wahoo RPM speed sensor is the sleek, magnet-less solution for capturing cycling speed data. It easily mounts to your bike's front wheel hub, and the Bluetooth 4.0 and ANT+ dual band technology allows you to connect to and display data on both smartphones and GPS bike computers. Tracking speed data has never been this easy.

Sowohl die ANT+- als auch BLE-Funktionen ermöglichen eine drahtlose Verbindung zu Smartphones und GPS-Geräten.
Drahtlose Verbindung
Kein Kabelsalat an Ihrem Fahrrad, um den Sensor mit Ihrem Gerät zu verbinden.
The RPM speed installs easily with no magnets required
Sleek, Lightweight Design
It only weighs 16,5 grams with the mount included
Genaue Geschwindigkeitsmessung während der Fahrt
Hub Mount
Mount on any front wheel hub with a secure silicon casing
Sichtbare Verbindung
Two LED lights show the sensor's device connection (blue) and speed detection (red)
Austauschbare Batterie
Universelle Passform
RPM Speed will fit with most bikes and frame sizes