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Product no.: 7533
Manufacturer:THM Carbones

Clavicula SE stands for Clavicula “sine exceptione” = “without limitation” and means a full carbon crank with integrated carbon axle – for production quality without compromise. Clavicula SE with a new kind of smoothness and outstanding utilization of load paths.

Clavicula SE is the ultimate innovation from the company THM-Carbones. In the development phase particular emphasis was placed on optimizing structural design. Particularly noteworthy is the spider whose geometrical and structural definition is based on a precise analysis of the load paths – with the result of an extreme lateral stiffness for best switching behavior and an excellent stiffness in the circumferential direction for loss-free power transmission. This design optimization resulted – just as a side effect – in an exceptionally stiff and light crank system.

We are particularly proud of the patented connection between left-hand crank and axle. It’s the first time that a carbon & carbon material combination is realized which was tested thoroughly and successfully in the last few years. Decisive advantage: This solution minimizes the relative movement between the teeth thanks to the identical fiber texture of the external and internal toothing. As a result wear-and-tear is practically zero and there is no source of noise development.

With Clavicula sine exceptione the company THM-Carbones is setting completely new standards and will make you experience a new reference in the design of cranks.

For the initial use on racing bikes are made available chain rings with 130 mm or 110 mm diameter bolt circle. As a matter of course all current bottom bracket systems are usable which means the Clavicula SE will practically fit any type of frame.

Technische Daten Clavicula Road

about 302 g (.67 lbs) for cranksystem Standard and about 293 g (.65 lbs) for cranksystem Compact
fits any frame with standard 68 mm BSA shell. Available for BB30, Pressfit30, Shimano Pressfit, Italian threading, BB386 EVO, BBright-Pressfit
BBRight Direct Fit (only Cervelo frame R5ca) also available – please specify in your order
BB 386 (only AX Lightness frame ViAL EVO) also available – please specify in your order
Chainrings: THM-Carbones recommend PraxisWorks
Q-Faktor: 148 mm
Chainline: 43,5 mm
Inner width of the cranks: 118 mm
Available lengths: 170, 172,5 or 175 mm

max. permissible total weight:

120 kg (264 lb)

Extent of supply

The “Clavicula SE” extent of supply comprises the following components:

Axle crank

Crank, left
Adjusting bolt, M12x1
Tapered lock bushing
Spacer, 2mm
Instruction book
Bearing system and assembly tools are not part of the extent of supply and must be specified separately when making an order.
* without chainwheels and chainwheel bolts