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Fulcrum / Campagnolo Free-Wheel Body RS-113 / FH-BUU015X1 Shimano 9-11 speed
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Campagnolo / Fulcrum Free-Wheel Body  Shimano 9-/10-/11-speed and Sram 10-/11-speed compatible

 Red Wind, Racing Zero, Racing 1, Racing 3, Racing 4/Quattro, Racing Light, Racing Speed, Shimano 8-11, für Achsdurchmesser 17 mm, ab Mod. 13

Shimano 8-11, passend für: Bora One, Bora Ultra bis MY15, Eurus, Hyperon One, Hyperon Ultra, Khamsin, Scirocco, Shamal Ultra bis MY15, Vento, Zonda, Neutron Ultra