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Art.Nr.: 7505
- Variante: Clincher Tubeless Ready
- Felgenmaterial: Carbon
- Felgenhöhe: 82 mm
- Felgenbreite außen: 26,4 mm
- Felgenbreite innen: 19 mm
- Farbe: schwarz
- Aufkleber: Impress Graphics
- Nabe vorne: Cognition, V1, Farbe: schwarz
- Nabe hinten: Cognition, V1, Farbe: schwarz 
- Freilauf: SRAM/Shimano 10-/11-fach kompatibel oder Campagnolo
- Speichung VR: radial, Farbe: schwarz
- Speichung HR: gekreuzt, Farbe: schwarz
- Gewicht Satz: 1855 g
- Gewichtsbeschränkung: 113 kg
- Lieferumfang: Schlauch (700c 19-25mm), Schnellspanner, Felgenband, Zipp Pro Evo Bremsbeläge, Silca Ventilverlängerung und eine Laufradtasche

The pursuit of AeroBalance™ defines Zipp’s approach to wheel design, especially at the 82mm-deep 808 rim depth. Combining low drag performance with stable handling is our mission, because speed without control, is useless. To that end, the Zipp 808 NSW Carbon Clincher Tubeless rim-brake wheelset features a redesigned rim shape that aerodynamically integrates wider tubeless tires for a new era or high-performance road cycling.

The 808 NSW Carbon Clincher Tubeless allows you to run tubeless or traditional clinchers. The benefits of tubeless include superior flat protection, the ability to run lower pressures, and a smoother ride with high cornering grip and low rolling resistance. The 808 NSW Carbon Clincher Tubeless wheels – along with the 303 and 404 versions -- also feature a wider 19mm internal rim width and corresponding outer rim shape for aerodynamic optimization with 25mm tires. Tires such as the Zipp Tangente RT25 Road Tubeless are a perfect match for this wheelset to deliver exceptionally low rolling resistance and high cornering grip.

When it comes time to slow for a corner, our NSW exclusive Showstopper™ brake track stands ready to deliver the best modulation and shortest stopping distances available, regardless of weather conditions or the length of the descent.

The Cognition™ hubset with Axial Clutch™ Technology reduces drag by disengaging the ratchet mechanism when coasting. So you can approach corners at higher speeds, and ultimately, save time. A star-flanged straight-pull hubshell design on the rear hub distributes the load placed on the hub flange away from the bearings. We’ve also developed a unique scalloped edge hubshell design for our front hub. This scalloped design maintains the bearing bore diameter when high radial spoke tension is applied. That means you get bearings that quietly stay in place, roll faster, last longer, and provide a laterally stiffer hub.

Our Axial Clutch freehub mechanism is also compatible with XDR drivers. This gives riders the option to select a 10-42 cassette to assemble a 1x11 drivetrain with an equivalent range to either a compact or standard road double drivetrain. In fact, for those looking for a wider gear range, or tackling especially extreme terrain, we now offer our Zipp NSW Carbon Clincher Tubeless wheels with a XDR driver body allowing for more cassette options including a 10-42.

Zipp 808 NSW Carbon Clincher Tubeless was developed using CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) post-processing software and multiple wind-tunnel trips, including the Aerodynamic Bike Testing Facility at the ARC Wind Tunnel, a short drive from Zipp’s Indianapolis facility. We do this because, as one of our advanced development engineers, Dave Morse, is fond of saying, “The wind tunnel will never be replaced as the gut check for wheel design.” The advanced development engineers at The Nest took that data and created the rim shape that became the 808 NSW.

Zipp carbon rims are laid up, molded, and drilled in the USA by Zipp technicians. Our expert wheel builders then hand lace the rims to our Portuguese-made Cognition hubset using Belgian Sapim CX-Ray spokes and Secure-Lock nipples to ensure precision alignment and even spoke tension. The end result is a handcrafted wheelset that stays fast and true for years to come.

Heavy continuous braking on carbon surfaces can cause spikes in rim temperature and tire pressure that impact performance and handling – especially with clincher tires. To solve this challenge, our composites supplier created a heat-resistant resin exclusively for Zipp. This technology improves heat dissipation so substantially that our Carbon Clinchers have never had a heat-related failure.

Each Wheel Includes:
• Zipp Tangente Quick Release Skewer
• Zipp individual wheel bag
• Zipp Tubeless valve – factory installed
• Tubeless rim tape – factory installed
• Valve core removal tool
• Zipp Cognition thru-axle caps to fit 12x100, 15x100 and 12x142 dropouts
• Zipp Cognition oil – for rear hub service
• Freehub body spacer – 11 to 10 speed


Set Weight 1855g
Max recommended rider weight (lbs) 250lbs
Max recommended rider weight (kg) 115kg
Front Wheel
Weight 857g
Hub Used Cognition
Rim Depth 82mm
Brake Track Width (center) 26.4mm
Max Width 28mm
Internal Width 19mm
Spokes Spam® CX-Spring
Spoke Count 18
Spoke Pattern Radial
Spoke Length 224mm
Max Tire Pressure 125psi
Max Tire Pressure 8.62bars
Track Adaptable No
Dimpled Surface ABLC™ SawTooth™ Technology
Nipples Sapim® secure-lock
Tubeless Yes
Rotor Interface N/A
Rear Wheel
Weight 998g
Hub Used Cognition
Rim Depth 82mm
Brake Track Width (center) 26.4mm
Max Width 28mm
Internal Width 19mm
Spokes Spam® CX-Sprint
Spoke Count 24
Spoke Length Non-Drive 236mm
Spoke Pattern Non-Drive 2 Cross
Spoke Length Drive 234mm
Spoke Pattern Drive 2 Cross
Max Tire Pressure 125psi
Max Tire Pressure 8.62bars
11-speed compatible hub Yes
XDR Compatible Yes
Track Adaptable No
Dimpled Surface ABLC™ SawTooth™ Technology
Nipples Sapim® secure-lock
Tubeless Yes
Rotor Interface N/A
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