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THM Carbones Clavicula M³ Road CFK-Spider
129,00 EUR
19 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs
Shipping time: 2-3 weeks
Product no.: 5807
Manufacturer:THM Carbones
Clavicula M³ is a modular full carbon crank with interchangeable carbon spider. By changing the crank-spider it can be used either with a standard bolt diameter (130mm) or a compact (110mm) variant. Clavicula M³ is also available with the SRM power meter – just change the spider and you´ve got the lightest SRM crank in the world.
All common BB-standards can be adapted, this still holds true with our newest addition to the Clavicula family. It goes without saying that it is light – 410 g including bearings but without spider – including the SRM system only 740g!!! – less than many other cranks without power measurement.

The Technology

  • Full carbon cranks with interchangeable carbon spider
  • High stiffness for optimum power transfer
  • Light weight: 450 g with 110mm bcd carbon spider
  • With only 410 g it´s the lightest crank compatible with SRM system
  • Small Q-factor of only 148 mm
  • Compatible to all common bottom bracket standarts
Approx. 410g for cranksystem with bearings, not including spider or chain rings.
450g with 110 bcd compact spider, 460g with 130 bcd standart spider, 740g with SRM system

We supply bearings for all common bottom brackets (e.g. BSA, BB30, Pressfit30, adaption for Shimano Pressfit, BBright and ITA)

chainline: 43,5 mm (ITA 44,5mm)
available lengths: 170, 172,5 und 175 mm
Q-faktor: 148 mm
Inner width of the crank:

118mm (We recomend a minimum clearence of 3mm to the chainstays)



max. permissible total weight:

110 kg (242lbs)