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Rudy Project Agon Frozen Ash - ImpactX Photochromic 2LaserBlack
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Manufacturer:Rudy Project
Cutting-edge technological solutions, gritty and unique design, extraordinary comfort: top-notch sports glasses for a performance at the highest level - See more at:

The spirit of competition.

In Ancient Greece, the term "Agon" was used to indicate the "spirit of competition" which characterized the Olympic Games in particular.
Nothing was a game, but everything was a real challenge with honors awarded only to the winners.
Rudy Project has designed Agon, the new glasses with a racing soul dedicated to competitive athletes who are always battling for first place.


The ultimate racing solution for cycling enthusiasts.

Ultra-technical glasses which are ideal for cycling, mountain biking and triathlon equipped with all Rudy Project's most advanced technologies to offer athletes total customization freedom to assure maximum comfort and functionality plus stylish looks.
Agon™ uses a half-rim structure, which secures only the top part of the lens to the frame to guarantee a broader field of vision and to ensure a perfect view of the terrain in order to avoid obstacles and choose the best trajectories.
The innovative Integrated air conditioning system allows management of the air circulation level and, thanks to ventilation slits on the lenses, prevents the glasses from fogging up.



The design of Agon™ is inspired by the philosophy of "Form Follows Function", offering sports enthusiasts products that are highly functional and technological and have an unbeatable style. Agon adopts the most highly-advanced ergonomic solutions to ensure exceptional stability and comfort while practicing sport.

The adjustable temple tips secure the glasses to the face, so that they do not move during energetic movements. The latest-generation ErgoIV adjustable nose piece makes it possible to find the perfect fit on the athlete's nose, increasing the sense of comfort and regulating the lens ventilation.
The Agon™ temples are made from Kynetium, an aluminum alloy used in aerospace applications which combines Magnesium, Silicon and Titanium, thereby ensuring a sophisticated mixture of lightness (Mg), strength (Ti) and flexibility (Si).
The fame is made from Grilamid®, a top-quality thermoplastic material that is impact-resistant, light and allergy-proof, used by Rudy Project because of its stability, flexibility and resistance over time.


The most highly-advanced corrective solutions to increase both performance and safety.

For athletes that suffer from sight problems, Agon can adopt as many as four corrective solutions to ensure a clear view of obstacles and total focus on performance.
ImpactRx photochromic shatterproof lenses are the most highly-advanced corrective lenses for sports. Made using latest generation software and extremely sophisticated cutting and finishing equipment, they guarantee sharp clarify, superior comfort and can cater for high corrective factors. The ImpactRX lenses are available in six color variants for both the monofocal and progressive versions and change shade when exposed to sunrays.
The Rudy Project Hi Index+ 1.6™ static lenses provide high quality optics and excellent scratch resistance, are impact-resistant and are thin and light compared to traditional plastic or glass lenses. The Hi Index+ 1.6 lenses are designed for people requiring a high corrective factor or want specific glasses for certain light conditions. You can choose from as many as 10 color variants.
The Rx Direct Clip optical insert offers maximum freedom in the choice of materials. The removable Clips fit directly on the frame instead of the sunglass lenses.
The Clip-On optical inserts fit snugly behind the traditional sunglass lenses or sports glasses, allowing you to correct sight problems.
An easy and quick installation and removal system, making it possible to control light variations by swapping the sunglass lenses.


Winning vision under all conditions.

Agon uses the Quick Change lens system which allows you to interchange the lenses in a very simple and quick manner so as to adapt to all light conditions.
You can also choose from a vast range of optic solutions.
The patented Rudy Project ImpactX technology is the most highly-advanced solution in the field of vision protection. Characterized by superior optical quality, these extraordinary lenses are shatter-proof and photochromic. Each of the six color variants changes shade to adapt to the different light conditions.
Cutting-edge technology that guarantees top-level visual performance and, above all, unbeatable safety and convenience.
As an alternative, you can fit Agon with one of the eight RP Optics static lenses optimized for particular light conditions which improve visual acuity and minimize distortion.


The next challenge: your look.

Agon™ is part of Rudy Project's "Custom" program: a true configurator which makes it possible to "build" your ideal glasses down to the smallest detail. An extremely vast range of combinations using the various different components makes it possible to customize glasses and to create a truly unique and exclusive product.

And for a perfect total look, you can color-coordinate Agon™ to match the extraordinary Rudy Project helmets: Windmax™, Sterling™, Airstorm™ and Zumax™.

These temples are yet another element characterising ProFlow™: forged in Kynetium™, a revolutionary aluminium alloy for aerospace applications combining noble materials blending lightness (magnesium), robustness (titanium) and elasticity (silicon), they represent a real masterpiece of micro-engineering. At the same time the Carboncore™ frame, enriched with carbon polymers and high quality thermoplastic materials designed in Switzerland, is more resistant to stresses, durable and extremely lightweight, the elasticity of the frame and the tensional force are calibrated specifically to provide superior comfort and safety to tackle any sport.

Thanks to the Total Comfort System™, which integrates all the phenomenal Rudy Project ergonomic solutions, the ProFlow™ eyewear provides unmatched comfort and a perfect fit,
through solutions such as the Integrated Air Conditioning™ (specific channels formed on the inner surface of the temples direct towards the outside the air flow coming from carvings in the lenses in order to reduce the thermal shock and prevent fogging, ensuring a perfect vision and a nice ventilation),
the interchangeable lens system Quick Change™ (which allows you to quickly and easily change lenses according to the different lighting conditions) and the Dorsal Stabilizers™ (innovative structural elements sculpted from a mixture of zinc, aluminium and magnesium, located on the temporal surfaces of the frame to ensure a perfect alignment and high directional stability, while at the same time minimizing the force exerted on the pressure points such as the nose and ears and preventing the glasses from slipping). ProFlow ™ is also available with the most advanced optical solutions for the correction of visual defects. From the unbreakable and photochromic ImpactRx™ lenses for maximum convenience and safety to clip-ons to be applied behind the normal sunglass lenses.
Since 1985, advanced science and technology are at the heart of Rudy Project, through the continuous development of innovative products of absolute excellence, designed, developed and manufactured in Italy. Cutting-edge materials and manufacturing techniques are combined with engineering skills and craftsmanship to create the sports eyewear ProFlow™. Ultra-light, comfortable and extremely functional, ideal for all athletes looking for the best.

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FRAME: Frozen Ash

LENSES: ImpactX Photochromic 2 Laser Black

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