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Rotor Q-Rings Chainring 110 BCD Compact AERO
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Q-Rings can increase an avid cyclist’s performance by as much as 4 seconds per km in a sprint – that’s twice the benefit of an aero wheelset!

Professionally, athletes who have chosen to ride them have put to rest any doubts about their performance by winning two grand tours, more than 25 Ironman races and over 20 UCI elite Road, MTB and CX world champion titles.

Q-Rings boost your performance by varying drivetrain resistance during pedalling in line with your legs natural strengths and weakness. They make better use of the strongest muscle groups (increasing positive work) and compensate for the weaker zones in the pedalling stroke (reducing negative work).

Compatible with every crankset in the market. Click on the link below to check your compatibility:

You can micro adjust the position of your Q rings to suit your riding style. Q-Rings use your leg muscles at a different rate than round rings, thereby changing your intramuscular coordination of motor units. Thanks to the OCP (Optimum Chainring Position) of the Q-Ring, you will find your best position seeking both comfort and efficiency.

A standard crank in combination with the OCP of the Q-Rings, allows approximately 5 degrees of adjustment. The MAS spider offers half positions giving approximately 2,5 degrees (for more information on the MAS, click the link below).

The OCP (Optimum Chainring Position) of the Q-Ring allows you to pedal comfortably in all cycling positions:

  • Sitting
  • Standing
  • Climbing
  • Sprinting

Follow the OCP adaptation guide that is linked below to make your transition smooth.

  • 161 g for 50A/34.
  • Sizes: 52A, 50A / 38, 36, 34t.
  • 100% CNC, T6, 7075 Aluminum.
  • Steel shifting pins.
  • 5 OCP regulation points.
  • Design works for all 10 and 11 speed groups.
  • Some cranks require specific Q-Rings.