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Pinarello Dogma   F12  435 Osium White Rahmenset
5.520,00 EUR
Schon ab 100,81 EUR mtl.
Finanzierung bei einer maximalen Laufzeit von 72 Monaten, Nettodarlehensbetrag entspricht Kaufpreis; Gesamtbetrag 7.258,58 EUR, gebundener jährlicher Sollzinssatz 9.48%, effektiver Jahreszins von nur 9.90%. Diese Angaben stellen zugleich das repräsentative Beispiel im Sinne des § 6a PangV dar. Vermittlung erfolgt ausschließlich für die BNP Paribas S.A. Niederlassung Deutschland, Schwanthalerstr. 31, 80336 München. Weitere Laufzeitbeispiele finden Sie weiter unten.

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Art.Nr.: 10801

Even more aero, Even more powerful,
Even more beautiful


Complete cable integration
5% less drag with the New Talon Ultra integrated handlebar*
7,3% drag reduction with the new fork and frame*
8 Watts saving at 40km/h*

*Compared to the F10

Design is not just about making the bikes look good, but how to combine
geometrical, aerodynamic and engineering needs.
The skill of the designer is in knowing how to work all of this in,
while creating an exciting object.
What do you say... we did it?

He is always the first man of the TEAM to provide his opinion.
Chris Froome did so with the Dogma F8 on Monte Madone in Montecarlo on a foggy day,
then with the Dogma F10 in an adrenaline test on the Etna Volcano,
This time we returned to Monte Carlo with Froomey and Geraint Thomas, their words?
End of discussion...again.

Being more rigid should mean we have increased the weight.
Instead the skill of our R&D dep. lies precisely on this point:
The Dogma F12 increased lateral stiffness by 10%
While leaving the overall weight of the frame unchanged.

let yourself be led to victory

Never before has the handlebar become such a decisive success of the total project.
8% more rigid than the previous Talon Aero, 5% less aerodynamic drag and lighter by 10%.

MOST iTalon ULTRA is already available for Garmin, Polar and Wahoo

No exposed cables

On the DISK version no cable is visible on the handlebar, on the RIM BRAKE version only one cable goes down to the front brake

Direct mount brakes.

Powerful braking in all conditionsFork twisting reduction by 40%
compared to the DOGMA F10

13 frame sizes, 16 handlebar sizes

Real Sartoria Italia

We have always been making custom-made bikes, and even with the advent of carbon we
lhave never left the desire to make you fit perfectly on our bikes:
The Dogma F12 is available in 13 sizes, 16 handlebar sizes
we are talking about 208 combinations.
What do you say...will you find your perfect size?


Rahmen Dogma F12
Gabel Onda F12 Carbon
Sattelstütze F12 Carbon
Steuersatz Pinarello MOST Aero

Der Rahmen ist natürlich bei uns auch als Komplettrad erhätlich.

Gerne erstellen wir Ihnen ein unverbindliches Custom Made Angebot.


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4848 x 138,62 EUR9.90 %9.48 %6.653,75 EUR
6060 x 115,87 EUR9.90 %9.48 %6.952,14 EUR
7272 x 100,81 EUR9.90 %9.48 %7.258,58 EUR