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LOOK 765 Gravel RS Disc Flat Mount Frameset black red glossy
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The 765 GRAVEL RS is the child prodigy that, from a very young age, has benefitted from all of LOOK’s expertise! Its secret ambition - to become the master of the garage, as it ultimately wants to replace every other bike.

This bike is ultra-versatile, designed for hybrid practice. Within the wider GRAVEL family, there are 3 trends emerging: the racing, ultra and travel. The ability to make use of off-road trails constitutes an infinite extension to its playing field.field of play. Thanks to the Internet and the community effect, planning an impromptu weekend trip is quick and easy. Itineraries are discussed, designed and shared.

The light and sturdy 765 GRAVEL RS bike is a genuine innovation when it comes to pushing your limits and experiencing adventure! Cycling needs to reinvent itself, to open itself up to new possibilities. Those who practice the sport need to be surprised, to experience a change of scenery and most of all, to be challenged both physically and mentally.

Swanee Ravonison
Magazine editor « 200 Le Vélo Autrement »


We breathe 30 years of expertise and passion into each of our bike frames. The 756 GRAVEL RS is no exception to this rule: we select, combine and align the carbon fibres with precision to produce this highly technical material, which is sure to enhance your pleasure and your performance.

The composition of the carbon frame has been meticulously designed to overcome the challenges faced when gravel cycling: transferring maximum power while also absorbing shocks. The very precise orientation of the multiple layers of carbon enables the improvement of the rigidity of certain tubes by +30%, and this is solely laterally. The resistance to shocks on trails is apparent from the first few pedal strokes.


Fitted with 700 x 37 mm gravel wheels as standard, these wide, durable and slightly spiked tyres offer versatility, achieving a balance between effective road performance and all-terrain shock absorption. For 50 % road use, 50 % track use.

Capable of accommodating other types of wheel and tyre:

Road-type wheels: 700 x 28 or 32 mm. Fitted with this type of tyre cross- section, with a prescribed pressure of between 4 and 6 bras, it can rival the performance of a bike designed exclusively for the road. 100% road use

650B x 2.1 mountain bike-style wheels. By reducing the diameter of the rim, a wider tyre of up to 54 mm can be mounted. All-terrain then takes the upper hand, for 70% track, 30% road use.


Up to 12 bottle cage inserts. Select the ideal mounting points based on how you ride and your specific needs. Position the bottles as low as possible to optimise the bike’s centre of gravity.


Drawing on our experience in working with carbon, we put together a a formula dedicated exclusively to the 765 GRAVEL RS. Thanks to the ultra-precise fibre orientations and a specific combination of various types of carbon - 29% HM, 46% IM, 10% HR & 15% specific fibre - it is now possible to achieve a high level of performance, with a firm focus on the practical.


The stays are designed with 2 waves, functioning as deflection points that enable a 15% increase in the natural flexibility of hte carbon. Furthermore, by flattening the tube its vertical flexibility can be improved while increasing its lateral rigidity. This tube shape at the rear of the bike filters shocks, even at high speed. It increases the traction, that is, the contact between the wheel and the ground, so that the rider can maintain his course when faced with oncoming obstacles.

3D WAVE thus enables the achievement of much superior vibration damping levels, without any increase in weight.

DIRECT DRIVE CONCEPT (not included with frameset!)

Made of aluminium, this integrated stem is designed so as to be rigid and lightweight. It echoes the forms of the frame and ensures excellent bike stability. The DIRECT DRIVE concept enables the simultaneous development of the steering components (fork, fork pivot, steering socket, stem and handlebars) to ensure that the rigidities are compatible. There is no apparent loss of rigidity in the cockpit, thus providing a real sense of security and reliable performance.

in the Box:
Frame, Fork, Headset, Speedrelease Axle