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Lightweight Autobahn Disc
from 3.280,00 EUR

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Product no.: 100243

How do you make a carbon-spoked wheel even faster and even more perfect?

Well, we make pretty light work of it!

But what we do find difficult is to describe AUTOBAHN. Let’s start with a few keywords: propulsion, speed, aerodynamics, lightness, toughness and agility. The word “compromise”, however, does not feature at all in this list. In fact, we should remember that AUTOBAHN is more than just a round disc. AUTOBAHN is an uncompromising weapon – a weapon to be used in the fight against the clock. When armed with this wheel you will understand what we mean when we say, you’ll need to use this carbon wheel to find out how much faster you can go and feel the incredible, high-speed thrill it instills.” To put it another way, when armed with AUTOBAHN there will be no letup as you fly like a bullet towards your destination. But once you get there, be fair and give everyone else a chance to catch up!





Weight BW
780 gr
Rim depth
Rim width
20 mm
No. of spokes (BW)
Tyre width
19-27 mm
Max. system weight
120 kg
  • The fastest wheelset in the fight against the clock
  • Excels in aerodynamics, propulsion and speed
  • The stiffest, lightest disc in the industry. Period.