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fizi:k Cyrano R1 Bull
199,95 EUR
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Art.Nr.: 5726

Uni-Directional Carbon,

31,8 mm Lenkerklemmung,

Reach 75/80 mm (40/42-46 cm),

Drop 125/130 mm (40/42-46 cm),

Flare-Angle 2°/3° (40/42-46 cm)

SB-verpackt, Kabeldurchgang extern, Gewicht: 205 g (40 cm Snake), glossy Carbon / red R1 Details



Cyrano Handlebar R1



Where Beauty meets Beast


Cyrano is our latest range of compontents, including Handlebars built with Spine Concept technology.

Spine Concept determines your saddle and handlebar compatibility, so you can find the right fit for your spine type.

Cyrano series is designed to form the cockpit, when combined with the Cyrano stem and seatpost.




    • Material: Uni-Directional Carbon
    • Drop: 130 mm. (Size: 420mm. center to center)
    • Reach: 80 mm. (Size: 420mm. center to center)
    • Available Size: 400; 420; 440; 460 mm. center to center

Weight: 205 g. (Size: 420mm. center to center)