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ENVE SES 4.5 AR Carbon Clincher King R45 Disc CL 12/142 Wheelset
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The SES 4.5 AR Disc is an uncompromising aero wheel designed specifically for disc brake equipped bikes and large volume 28 to 30mm road tires.

Cyclists looking for more speed, comfort, and traction on all road surfaces will find the SES 4.5 AR Disc a game-changer.

The introduction of road frames with disc brakes and increased tire clearance has allowed us to take an unconventional approach to wheel design. The result is a wheel that brings new levels of confidence and performance to the road cycling experience.

Tubeless Kit (Clincher only):
-2x valve stems
-1x roll of tape (good for taping 3 wheels)
-2x Pressure Relief Valve Stem NutsTubeless Kit (Clincher only)

Skewers 100/135mm (QR only)

Accessory Bag

Wheel Manual

Wheelbuild Card

Rebellious, unconventional, and pioneering are words that describe the one of its kind SES 4.5 AR Disc. Conceptualized for the cobbles of Paris-Roubaix through our partnership with Team Dimension Data, the SES 4.5 AR Disc was developed to deliver top shelf aero performance, stability, and comfort for virtually any road surface. The SES 4.5 AR Disc is available as a tubeless clincher and tubular model rim. The SES 4.5 AR Disc borrows from ENVE M Series carbon mountain wheel tubeless technology and features hookless beads. Hookless beads improve aerodynamic performance by aiding airflow from tire to rim as well as allow for the best tubeless tire performance possible. Like all Smart ENVE System aero wheels, the front and rear rims are specifically designed for the airflow seen at the front and back of the bike. As such, the front rim is more shallow and wider to maximize stability and the rear is deeper and narrower to aid in drag reduction. In addition to dissimilar geometries, the SES 4.5 AR Disc features a disc brake specific construction that saves weight, improves strength, and creates an unprecedented ride quality.

SES AR wheelsets feature a straight sidewall/hookless bead design and are qualified for use with “Tubeless, Tubeless Ready (TLR)” tires, with a width of 28c or greater ONLY. One may safely run inner-tubes as long as the tire itself is of a tubeless or tubeless ready construction. SES AR aerodynamics and stability are optimized when the wheelset is paired with a tire that measures 30mm. Below is a list of approved/recommended tires as well as tires that have been proven incompatible and cannot be recommended at this time.

For tires listed as “Not Approved/Incompatible,” we are working with the tire manufacturers so changes can be made to move tires on to the “Approved/Recommended” list. If a tire you would like to run is not listed, it does not mean that it is incompatible. Rather, we have not tested it yet. In the situation that you choose to run a tire that is not on the “Approved/Recommended” list, you do so at your own risk. Please refer to our tire pressure recommendation chart for SES AR wheels (25mm Internal Width) and never exceed air pressure of 80psi/5.5bar for 28c, and 67psi/4.6bar for 32c.

Pressure Reminder
MAX PRESSURE FOR A 28MM TIRE = 80psi/5.5bar.

MAX PRESSURE FOR A 32MM TIRE = 67psi/4.6bar

Approved/Recommended Tire List

27-29c(for the best aerodynamic performance)

Bontrager AW2 Hard Case Lite TLR –28mm
Bontrager R3 Hard Case Lite TLR –28mm
Giant Gavia AC 0 Kevlar Tubeless –28mm
Giant Gavia AC 1 TLC Tubeless –28mm
Giant Race 1 TLC Tubeless –28mm
Goodyear Eagle All-Season –28mm
Hutchinson Sector –28mm
IRC Formula Pro Tubeless RBCC –28mm
IRC Formula Pro Tubeless Light –28mm
Kenda Valkyrie –28mm
Maxxis Padrone –28mm
Pirelli Cinturato Velo TLR –28mm
Schwalbe Pro One HS 462 –28mm
Schwalbe Pro One, V-Guard, TLE, Addix(2020) –28mm
Specialized Turbo RapidAir (2020) –28mm
Teravail Rampart All-Road Durable TR –28mm
Teravail Rampart All-Road Light/Supple TR –28mm
Vittoria Rubino Pro TLC –28mm
Vittoria Corsa TLR –28mm
Vittoria Corsa Control TLR –28mm
Zipp TangenteRT28 –28mm


Goodyear Eagle All-Season – 30mm
Kenda Valkyrie Pro TLR – 30mm
Mavic Yksion Elite Allroad UST – 30mm
Schwalbe G-One Speed – 30mm
Schwalbe Pro One, V-Guard, TLE, Addix (2020) – 30mm
Schwalbe One, Race-Guard, TLE, Addix (2020) – 30mm
Specialized Roubaix Pro 2Bliss Ready – 30/32mm
Vittoria Rubino Pro TLC – 30mm
Vittoria Corsa Control TLR – 30mm
WTB Exposure – 30mm


Goodyear Eagle All-Season –32mm
Maxxis Re-Fuse –32mm
Panaracer Gravel King –32mm
Pirelli Cinturato Velo TLR –32mm
Specialized Roubaix Pro 2Bliss Ready –30/32mm
Teravail Rampart All-Road Durable TR –32mm
Teravail Rampart All-Road Light/Supple TR (Black Sidewall Only) –32mm
WTB Exposure –32mm

These tires sizes are compatible, but will eliminate aerodynamic advantage of the rim profile. If your intention is to run these tire sizes on a regular basis, the G Series G23 is better suited for these tires and applications. Please refer to tire pressure chart for recommendation and max pressure rating. Max tire pressures for tires in this size range will be between 35-60psi/2.4-4.1bar.

Incompatible/Not Approved Tires
Any Tube-Type/Non-Tubeless Tire

Continental GP5000 TL – 28mm
Hutchinson Sector 32 – 32mm
Hutchinson Fusion 5 Performance 11Storm – 28mm
Hutchinson Fusion 5 All Season 11Storm – 28mm
Mavic Yksion Pro UST – 28mm
Specialized S-Works Turbo 2Bliss Ready – 28mm
Teravail Rampart All-Road Light/Supple TR (Tan Sidewall) –32mm


Rim Weight 477g 461g 938g
ENVE Alloy 732g 837g 1569g
i9 Torch Road CL 709g 836g 1544g
King R45 CL 744g 840g 1584g
Rim Weight 362g 400g 762g
ENVE Alloy 617g 776g 1393g
i9 Torch Road CL 594g 775g 1368g
King R45 CL 629g 779g 1408g
Depth 49mm 55mm
Internal Width 25mm 25mm
External Width 31mm 30.5mm
Hole Count 24 24
Effective Rim Diameter 558mm 547mm
ENVE Alloy 2X 270mm / 272mm 268mm / 266mm
DT180 / DT240 CL 2X 268mm / 270mm 264mm / 262mm
Chris King R45 CL 2X 266mm / 266mm 262mm / 260mm
*This wheelset is built with Sapim CX Ray spokes. Those built before May 2018 may use a DT Swiss spoke equivalent. DT Swiss spoke heads are stamped "DT".