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RB1000 Luxury Edition Rahmen-Set

RB1000 Luxury Edition: when bicycle becomes art

RB1000 Luxury Edition is the new jewel made by Cipollini: it’s a precious version of our most prominent model.
This bicycle - that was presented in “Like Bike” of Monaco - is a perfect mix of jewelry and high technology: it represent a great example of “Made in Italy”. Also this time Cipollini wanted to create something unprecedented and completely new, challenging the limits of what’s possible and producing the RB1000 Luxury with carbon, platinum, gold and diamonds.
The outcome is a real jewel, elegant and refined. Something that lasts forever.

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Gold 40 grams / 18 carats

Platinums 12 grams

Diamonds 17 carats



Platinum 110 grams

Rahmen RB1K Luxury Edition
Gabel RB1000
Sattelstütze integriert
Steuersatz FSA

Made Monocoque
Rahmen Material CARB. T1000 - M46J
Gabel Material CARB. T1000
Rahmen Gewicht 1050 gr (Gr. M)
Innenlager BB386 (86,5x46mm)
Größen XXS - XS - S - M - L - XL - XXL

Made in Italy

Der Rahmen ist natürlich bei uns auch als Komplettrad erhätlich.
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