If you are always chasing your next fastest ride, the new S3 aero road bike will give you every possible advantage. We made the S3 more aerodynamic and with an optimized balance of stiffness and compliance. The result is increased speed, power transfer, and comfort.
Ideal For: Sprints / Criteriums / Solo breakaways


If you want more speed, you need to look at your aerodynamics. For the new S3 we spent hours in the wind tunnel, testing and refining designs. Full internal cable routing, a new bar and stem, and frame shapes work together to reduce drag on you and the bike, so you go faster.


Increased stiffness at the bottom bracket enables efficient power transfer, so your hard work is transferred to rapid acceleration. Stiffness at the head tube is critical to confidence-inspiring handling - you'll feel how stable and precise the S3 is when cornering and descending at speed. 


You'll enjoy a smooth ride on the new S3. Specific frame lay-ups and tube shapes soak up road vibrations, helping to reduce your fatigue during long days. Combined with optimized stiffness and stable geometry, this is a bike that'll make you feel good and go fast.

Rahmen Cervélo S3 Carbon Disc
Gabel Cervélo S3 Carbon Disc tapered
Steuersatz FSA IS2
Sattelstütze Cervélo Aero Carbon SP20
Innenlager BBRight PF-30 (nicht enthalten!)
Vorbau: Cervélo CS28 S3 Stem
Lenker: Cervélo Aero AB09