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CeramicSpeed pulley wheels are made to guide the chain in its ideal line, performing smooth and precise shifting. The friction is extremely low which gives you a much better utilization of your energy.

Pulley Wheels with longer lifetime
The longevity is 3-5 times longer than Pulley Wheels with steel bearings.

Upgrade your Shimano rear derailleur with CeramicSpeed Pulley Wheels for reduced friction and extended lifetime. The pulley wheels are the fastest spinning bearings on your bike, making an upgrade to CeramicSpeed an effective way to save you precious energy. CeramicSpeed pulley wheels can be used both for road and MTB, and will last longer than any standard pulley wheel.

CeramicSpeed aluminium alloy pulley wheels for Shimano rear derailleurs are specially designed to reduce friction to an absolute minimum, virtually eliminating the drag associated with standard pulley wheels. The special design helps guide the chain in its ideal line and perform super smooth shifting. To ensure that the Pulley Wheels perform at their best, it is important that your new pulleys are mounted correctly. Our videos will guide you through the process.

* It’s important that you properly lubricate your bearing in order to ensure optimum performance and maximum longevity. Add oil to the outside of the bearing seal, so that oil can penetrate the bearing. Do this when you lubricate your chain, or if you have washed your bike or been riding in wet or muddy conditions. For further maintenance instructions, please watch this video.


Product specification
Rear derailleur Speed Material Color Coated Weight
Shimano 11 Aluminum Black