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Ceramicspeed OSPW X for SRAM Rival & Force 1 Type 3
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The fastest oversized pulley wheel system in the world is also available for SRAM Rival & Force 1 Type 3 derailleurs.

Featuring 14-tooth (upper) and 18-tooth (lower) pulleys with a narrow-wide profile, the OSPW X System for SRAM 1x is available fitted with CeramicSpeed standard or coated bearings, with up to 6 years of warranty. The unique narrow-wide tooth profile of the pulleys ensures durable chain retention.

The system is fitted with a custom designed, strong carbon fiber pulley cage assembly for long durability and light weight. The cage design allows you to choose between two spring tension settings to customise performance and reduce chain drag. We recommend initial setup in the lower spring tension. This has been designed to leave the clutch mechanism fully functional for chain retention.

In the event that the low spring tension does not provide adequate shift quality on real rough roads, you can increase it to the high spring tension which corresponds to the factory settings.

Thanks to the high-quality CeramicSpeed Bearings inside, your product will benefit from 3-5 times longer lifetime compared to stock.

The OSPW X System for SRAM 1x has been tested to deliver 30-40% less friction than conventional systems.

Together with the top quality CeramicSpeed Bearings inside, the product is completely developed and handbuilt in Denmark.

The OSPW X System for SRAM 1X is compatible with: 

  • SRAM Force 1X 11 speed with Type 3 clutch and cage lock position 8 o’clock* (see Tech Data tab for more info)
  • SRAM Rival 1X 11 speed with Type 3 clutch and cage lock position 8 o’clock* (see Tech Data tab  for more info)


In The Box

  • A complete 14-tooth/18-tooth OSPW X System for SRAM 1x
  • CeramicSpeed bearing oil in 15ml dropper bottle
  • Sticker Sheet
  • Overview Guidelines

The OSPW X cage fits all Rival & Force1 derailleurs with Type 3 clutch regardless of the cage length. The cage lock position needs to be in the 8 o’clock position (not 5 o’clock) for complete functionality. 

The cage is NOT compatible with Type 2.1 clutch.

Technical Specifications:

Pulley Wheels: CeramicSpeed 14-tooth upper and 18-tooth lower narrow-wide pulley wheels 
Pulley Wheel Material:  Aluminium 
Cage Material (OSPW):  Carbon reinforced PA 
Bearing options:  CeramicSpeed Standard or Coated 
CeramicSpeed Grease: Pulley Oil (standard) 

• SRAM Force 1X 11 speed with Type 3 clutch and cage lock position 8 o’clock* 

• SRAM Rival 1X 11 speed with Type 3 clutch and cage lock position 8 o’clock* 

NOT compatible with Apex 1 due to difference in cage lock design

Compatibility Cassette:  Fits cassettes up to 42-tooth 
Spring Tension Settings: 2 spring tension settings 
Speed & Discipline:  11 speed for Road and Gravel/Cross


Only install this product on derailleurs with an 8 o’clock cage lock position. It will not fit derailleurs with a 5 o’clock cage lock position. See more in the Support section here.


  • Höchste Qualität
  • 3- 5 mal längere Lebensdauer im Vergleich zum Standard Lager
  • Reduzierte Reibung – leichterer und geschmeidiger Lauf
  • Leistungseinsparung Mithilfe eines kompletten Ceramicspeed Upgrades 10-16 Watt
  • Handemade in Dänemark