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Ceramicspeed BB86 SRAM GXP 24/22,2mm
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The CeramicSpeed Bottom Brackets guarantee you the lowest friction and optimised power transfer, helping you to save watts or ride faster. Our bottom brackets fitted with coated bearings reduce friction even further and increase the resistance to contamination and corrosion. Their lifetime is 3-5 times longer than steel bearings. Check out our Bottom Bracket Compatibility Matrix to find the right product for your bike.

CeramicSpeed Bottom Bracket that fits BB86 SRAM GXP 24/22.2 axles. The bottom bracket fits the frames with 41 mm hole. Upgrade your ride with CeramicSpeed performance.

Check out our Bottom Bracket Compatibility Matrix to find the right bottom bracket for your bike.

Offering extremely low friction and increased lifetime, the CeramicSpeed Bottom Brackets are the right choice for those who want to achieve performance with no additional effort. Handmade in Denmark, the BB86 SRAM GXP Road Bottom Brackets deliver the highest quality when riding your bike and boosts your max.

Your new BB86 GXP Bottom Bracket will upgrade your ride, delivering extremely low friction and longer lifetime. It will increase your drivetrain stiffness and provide you with the very best in power transfer.

When mounting the bottom brackets remember to use the spacers also included in the package. The high-quality spacers will fit perfectly your BB86 GXP Road.

Achieve the best performance with your CeramicSpeed Bottom Brackets by mounting them correctly. If you have experience with mounting bearings before, watch the mounting videos here. Otherwise, we recommend you to go to your local bike shop and ask for assistance when installing your new Bottom Brackets.

To achieve the most out of your bottom bracket, maintenance is important. See how to apply the correct maintenance to your Bottom Brackets by watching our maintenance videos here.

Product specification
Frame fit Color Axle Width Weight
  Black SRAM GXP 86