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BMC Roadmachine 01 Disc Rahmenset  Team 2017
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With the new Roadmachine 01, BMC is redefining what an endurance bike can be. It’s faster than a typical endurance bike, faster than BMC’s own Granfondo, something you see in stiffness and aerodynamics. At the same time, it offers greater comfort than a racing bike. The bike is only offered with disc brakes, making it easy to fit 30mm tires for off-roading. And the geometry reflects the desires of the engineers. It’s racy but stable, and the front end is adaptable, even with the integrated stem. They think of this as the one-bike collection.

The stem is not only a looker, but shows how thoroughly BMC rethought the front end. The brake hoses run through the stem and into the frame without seeing daylight. The front brake  hose comes out of the fork leg just above the flat mount. The rear hose goes into the downtube and out on the left chainstay. Hydraulic brakes only. If you’re running Shimano Di2, the wire runs internally and the battery in the seatpost. If you’re running mechanical shifting or hydraulic, the cabling goes around the head tube. Different covers are provided.

And the stem sits atop what BMC is referring to as a cone. The standard has 2cm of stack and gives you a stack equivalent to their GF bikes. There’s a second low-stack cone, purchase separately, that has zero cm of rise. An extra 10mm spacer comes with the bike and stem, but any 1 1/8” round spacer will work. Stem lengths are 90mm for the 47 & 51, 100mm for the 54, 110mm for the 56, 120mm for the 58 and 61. The stem clamps to a standard round 31.8mm diameter handlebar. And BMC is working on integrated mounts for computers and cameras.

As with any endurance bike, comfort and stiffness need to be baked in. Both layup and shaping play important roles. That’s why there’s the beefy 1 1/2” lower end of the tapered steerer and beefy fork crown atop slim fork legs. Likewise, at the back, the angle compliance seat stays attach low on the seat tube. The shaping here results in vertical compliance that is greater than the Teammachine but less than the Gran Fondo. The D-shaped seatpost,  designed specifically for the Roadmachine, is carbon, and engineered for compliance as well. 15mm setback, btw.

In terms of both bottom bracket stiffness and head tube stiffness, the Roadmachine sits between both bikes as well, stiffer than the GF and not as stiff as the Teammachine. You can see the work with the elongated head tube, the notch for the fork, and the massive bottom bracket juncture as well as chainstays that start off beefy and slim down, similar to the design of the fork blades. The BB standard is PF86, and atop it sits an integrated chain guide, designed to eliminate dropped chain.

The geometry furthers the cause of a super-fast endurance bike. The chainstays are shorter than you’ll find on the GF. With the wheel better tucked underneath you, accelerations are easier. There’s 63mm of trail, a bit longer than a racing bike, but helps with stability. The bottom bracket drop is a generous 71mm, meaning you’ve got a low center of gravity, which makes both slow grinding climbs, and speedy descents easier.

And with disc brakes, they’ve opened up tire selection. Up to 30mm in diameter will fit. As mentioned earlier, the frame is designed for hydraulic brakes only. You can run 160 or 140mm in front thanks to BMC’s proprietary mount. With the rear, you can mount a 140mm via direct mount and 160mm with flatmount adapter. The hubs roll on 12mm thru-axles, both front (100mm) and rear (142mm). The thru-axle design improves stiffness, drops weight, and makes wheel changes easier.

The Roadmachine 01 is high-speed fun for those who want a fleet of one.

  • Bottom Bracket Type PF86 Required
  • Fork Roadmachine 01 Premium Carbon, Integrated Cockpit
  • Frame Material TCC 01 Premium Carbon, Angle Compliance Technology
  • Front Derailleur Type Braze-On Required
  • Headset Integrated
  • Seatpost Roadmachine 01 "D" Premium Carbon, 15mm offset
  • Stem BMC ICS 01 - Integrated Cockpit Design


We offer frames as well as bikes. 
We appreciate any enquiries to supply you a special personal offer.

more info: www.bmc-switzerland.com


Bike Geometry
Size Seat Tube (c-c) Seat Tube (c-t) Top Tube Length Head Tube Length Chain Stay Length Seat Tube Angle Head Tube Angle Stand Over Height Wheel Size Stack Reach
47 - 420 522 95 410 74.2 71.2 717 700c 514 / 530 369 / 375
51 - 464 532 122 410 74.2 71.2 757 700c 539 / 555 372 / 378
54 - 507 546 138 410 74.2 72.0 786 700c 560 / 576 382 / 387
56 - 522 556 154 410 74.2 72.0 803 700c 574 / 590 388 / 393
58 - 539 568 173 410 74.2 72.0 820 700c 593 / 609 395 / 400
61 - 573 583 198 410 74.2 72.0 849 700c 617 / 633 402 / 407
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