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Zipp 404 Firecrest Carbon Clincher Tubeless Disc
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Road bikes are ever evolving and ever inspiring. The 404 Firecrest® Carbon Clincher Tubeless Disc brake offers cyclists the chance to experience best-in-class aero efficiency and stability with the benefits of tubeless compatibility along with a purpose-built rim shape for disc brakes and wider tire options. 

Considering Road Tubeless? Start Here

Zipp’s 404 Firecrest Tubeless Disc-brake is all about road riding and racing. In use at the highest levels of professional cycling and triathlon, disc-brakes are poised for growth in all sorts of road riding. As for speed, the 404 Firecrest is where the Firecrest® Revolution began. If you had to choose just one wheel, the 404 Firecrest should be your choice.

Without the constraints of rim brake caliper compatibility or brake-track requirements, the new Firecrest Carbon Clincher Tubeless Disc-brake wheels offer the increased stopping power and modulation of disc brakes and a whole lot more. 

To maximize the aero performance of the wheels, Zipp’s ABLC™ dimples extend all the way to the outer edge of the disc-specific rims. The new wheels are also optimized for wider tires to meet the performance needs of modern riders in search of low rolling resistance and aero efficiency with high comfort. In developing these wheelsets, Zipp engineers examined three different external rim shape concepts, and within each of those shapes, four separate internal widths before selecting the most efficient design. The 404 Firecrest Tubeless Disc brake has an internal width of 19mm and are aerodynamically optimized for 25mm wide tires. The refined rim shape improves Firecrest’s ability to yield low aerodynamic drag and high crosswind stability, a combination we call AeroBalance™. 

Designed to be tubeless compatible, the wheels feature a rim bed made with internal ridges to lock the tire’s bead in place, ensuring secure performance even when ridden at lower tire pressures. Zipp’s low rolling resistance and high grip Tangente RT28 and RT25 Road Tubeless tires pair well with the new Firecrest disc brake wheels.

A new carbon fiber layup for the Indianapolis-made rims keeps weight low while maintaining the Firecrest Carbon Clincher’s proven durability. The robust 77D/177D hubset, paired with 24 Sapim® CX-Sprint spokes front and rear, keeps the wheels stiff and responsive. To ensure compatibility with any bike, our versatile 77D/177D hubs come with swappable end caps to work with QR’s and thru-axles, including 12x100mm and 15x100mm front thru-axles as well as 12x142mm rear thru-axles. The 177D rear hub is also XDR driver body compatible for use with SRAM 10-42 cassettes. 

Each Wheel Includes:

  • Zipp Tangente Quick Release Skewer
  • Zipp Tubeless valve – factory installed
  • Tubeless rim tape – factory installed
  • Valve core removal tool
  • Zipp 77D/177D thru-axle caps to fit 12x100, 15x100 dropouts for front wheels, and 12x142 dropouts for rear wheels
  • Freehub body spacer – 11 to 10 speed
  • SRAM® XDR driver body for 177D available separately


Front wheel: $1,150 / €1,200 
Rear wheel: $1,350 / €1,400

Set Weight1715g
Max recommended rider weight (lbs)250lbs
Front Wheel
Hub Used77D
Hub Width100mm
Rim Depth58mm
Max Width26.4mm
Internal Width19mm
SpokesSapim® CX-Ray®
Spoke Count24
Spoke Pattern2 cross
Spoke Length Drive260mm / straight pullmm
Spoke Length Non-Drive258mm / straight pullmm
Max Tire Pressure125psi
Max Tire Pressure8.62bars
Track AdaptableNo
Dimpled SurfaceYes
NipplesSapim® Secure Lock
External NipplesYes
Thru Axle CompatibleYes
Rear Wheel
Hub Used177D
Hub Width135 / 142mm
Rim Depth58mm
Max Width26.4mm
Internal Width19mm
SpokesSapim® CX-Ray®
Spoke Count24
Spoke Pattern Non-Drive2 cross
Spoke Pattern Drive2 cross
Spoke Length Drive258mm / straight pullmm
Spoke Length Non-Drive260mm / straight pull
Max Tire Pressure125psi
Max Tire Pressure8.62bars
10 or 11-speed Compatible HubYes
XDR CompatibleYes
Track AdaptableNo
Dimpled SurfaceYes
NipplesSapim® Secure Lock
External NipplesYes
Thru Axle CompatibleYes


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