9th Wave

9th Wave originated from our background as cycling lovers in general (and mountain biking in particular). Without exception, everyone at 9th Wave loves everything that has to do with cycling and we like to experience this in all parts of the world. We love traveling to the most beautiful places and of course ride the best trails.

9th Wave Cycling was founded early 2014 by Guido and Peter. Peter was a bike shop owner and team manager of a fairly successful amateur MTB team. Guido was one of the top riders in the team and crowned his career in this sport with a National Title in Marathon. At that time we seemed to have a lot in common, especially the mountain bike lifestyle brought us together and we have become close friends.

Way before 9th Wave Cycling was founded we were pioneering and experimentation with materials, born from dissatisfaction with the capabilities and quality of parts and wheelsets. We saw an opportunity to translate our special vision into a business idea. Guido from his knowledge of processes combined with purchasing experience and Peter from his over 25-year presence behind the scenes in the bicycle industry.

The first priorities at the start of 9th Wave were: quality, honesty and always stay innovative. And to this day we are doing so! Quality on all fronts: from products to service, delivery times and keeping promises. Honesty means to us: don’t sell or tell nonsense and being able to look at yourself proudly in the mirror every day. And innovation is for us to continue to think outside the box and pay attention to every tiny detail of products. (Feel free to ask any of us. You will notice that in each product by 9th Wave lot of invisible small “smart” details are processed.)

Now, a few years after the launch of 9th Wave Cycling, we have already shown our approach and opinion in the market. That has not gone unnoticed and has already yielded some good results.
A very nice dealer network in the Benelux countries and a fast-growing dealer network in other European countries. A lot of good reviews received major international magazines and online media.
Many top riders and national and international champions who have already opted for our wheels. But most important for us is that we are making good products for everyone from champion to amateur and dealer to review editor. And actually, we have just started … .. there are still a lot of beautiful things coming the future!.

“Guido is responsible for product development and engineering processes such as production planning and logistics. Besides design and development, he spent much of his time to maintaining relationships with production facilities, monitoring quality and planning of production.”

“Peter is a born trend watcher and relationship guy. He doesn’t follow new developments from a distance, but by actually being visually present at events. Therefore he identifies what is needed and – more important yet- what needs will arise next. This, combined with his 25 years (technical bike shop) experience in the industry ensure that we constantly keep developing new products and designs.”

9th Wave  ANATH 700 All-Road Disc Carbon Clincher TL-Ready DT 350 CL
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