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3T DISCUS C35  TEAM Stealth Disc Carbon Clincher
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Discus C35 Team is the mid-range wheelset of the 3T Discus range: 25 mm wide, all-carbon-fiber rims offer a 20% overall weight savings over entry Pro model. Center Lock disc-brake hubs with 24 bladed spokes front and rear offer industry-standard fitment for quality disc-brake setups. 3T linear+ system optimizes build quality. Asymmetric rim drilling reduces difference in spoke tension between drive side and non-drive side. Hubs have light-alloy oversize spindle with modular end-caps that can be easily swapped from quick-release to thru-axle as needed; rear width can run 135 mm or 142 mm to fit latest CX and gravel-grinder thru-axle framesets. Carbon-fiber rim is 32 mm deep, with a blunt profile for stable aerodynamic performance at typical angles to the wind; wide tire bed provides a really firm base to run the latest, race-weight fat tires at lower pressure, with the advantages of:

– wider contact surface
– less rolling resistance
– reduced incidence of punctures
– better handling control










Technical Details









Rim Size: ETRTO 622 x 18C, (28″/700c), 25 mm wide, 32 mm deep
Rim Spec: clincher, full carbon, offset double-angle drilling
Spokes: straight-pull, stainless-steel, black finish, double-butted aero, Pillar 1425, 24F/24R
Nipples: light alloy, inverted, spherical washer
Hubs:Center Lock, alloy body and spindle, alloy freewheel, adjustable bearings, black satin anodized
Front Hub Spec: QR100/TA100x12/TA100x15 modular end-caps
Rear Hub Spec: QR135/TA135x12/TA142x12 modular end-caps
Rear Hub Compatibility: 10/11s Shimano/SRAM type cassette*
Quick Release: alloy lever and nut, steel skewer
Weight: 1464 – 1484 g (+ / – 2%)**

* Campagnolo compatible freehub body sold as spare

** Product specifications are indicative, are not binding, and may be subject to change without prior notice to improve reliability, function or design. Weights shown are typical and may vary slightly in production. 3T makes every effort to publish accurate specifications and weights but cannot guarantee them.

Not compatible with SRAM XD driver body sprockets

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