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3T Aeronova PRO
135,00 EUR
inkl. 19 % MwSt. zzgl. Versandkosten
Art.Nr.: 10597

Alu 7075, 31,8 mm Lenkerklemmung, Höhe 127 mm, Tiefe 104 mm
aerodynamische Formgebung bei gleichzeitig ausreichender Auflagefläche, Kabeldurchgang intern, Gewicht 390 g (42 cm)


Aeronova is a compact road drop with aero-section tops to complement the latest aero road bikes. The tops are a new aerofoil section designed for the least-possible drag permitted by UCI rules. Cable routing is internal for less drag, a sleeker appearance, and reliable setup of manual or electronic gear systems. The bend is like Ergonova’s, with 127_mm drop, and flares 6 to give good wrist clearance. This means width at the hoods is about 26 mm narrower than at the ends (the 42-cm model is 39.4 cm at the hoods). Aeronova Team is built in all-carbon-fiber and finished UD Gloss Black with 3T’s new ‘Road’ brand graphics. It can be fitted with 3T Clip Ons for added versatility.

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Which Aeronova bar shall I get?

All 3T Aeronova bars have concealed cable routing, but not all types of cabling fit. Aeronova Ltd and Team fit all major brands current mechanical and electronic groups.

Aeronova Pro fits all Campagnolo groups, but not all Shimano and SRAM groups.

Please refer to the attached table to determine the right model Aeronova to use with your groupset.

Weight: 390g (42 cm)
Width: 42 cm
Clamp: 31.8 mm ∅
Material: AL 7075
Drop: 127 mm
Reach: 104 mm
Routing: Internal
Finish: Shot Peened Black Anodized
Certification: CEN



  38 40 42
W1 Hood-to-hood (mm) 380 400 420
W2 Drop-to-drop (mm) 400 420 440
R1 Reach (mm) 104 104 104
R2 Reach (mm) 116 116 116
D1 Drop (mm) 127 127 127
F1 Drop flare (degrees) 6.0 6.0 6.0
Weight LTD (+/-4%) (g) 190 205 220
Weight TEAM (+/-4%) (g) 205 220 235

W1 Hood-to-hood (mm) 420
W2 Drop-to-drop (mm) 420
R1 Reach (mm) 108
R2 Reach (mm) 120
D1 Drop (mm) 140
F1 Drop flare (degrees) 0.0
Weight PRO (+/-4%) (g) 390